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Current Bee Count: 23,528,801

Our bee-friendly approach

Bee involved

Our bee hives are located all over Scotland from Dumfriesshire, the Lothians, Stirlingshire, Fife and Aberdeenshire. This is just the beginning of our bee-friendly honey project and we are continually working to increase the bee numbers in Scotland along with producing our flavourful honeys and unique gifts.

There are many positive reasons to support The Scottish Bee Company but just in case you need help to see what we are really buzzing about then here are our top three reasons to bee involved!

1. Bee social

The Scottish Bee Company is committed to its social responsibility and is working with local bee farmers to grow the bee farming industry in Scotland. With an urgent need for more bee farmers in order to meet the demand for Scottish honey, we are keen to support and develop new talent within the industry. Interested in bee farming? Get in touch!


2. Bee environmental

The environment is at the heart of the very foundations of The Scottish Bee Company. Our love of bees and our commitment to helping raise their numbers in the U.K. is why we are doing what we are doing. The Scottish Bee Company is committed to supporting local bees and the creation of our wonderful range of Scottish honeys.

The Scottish Bee company also recycle all our out of commission bee hives and our packaging is all recyclable.

3. Bee healthy

The Scottish Bee Company was astonished to discover how much honey consumed in the U.K. is imported from around the world. We felt strongly that we needed more, homegrown, bee-friendly honey! After lots of research, we also discovered that heather honey has been proven to have the same super powers as the famous New Zealand manuka honey so ultimately, we can support our local bee population whilst enjoying all the health benefits of a luxury Scottish honey!

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