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Here at The Scottish Bee Company we are dedicated to making sure we can supply the highest quality honey. With the ever increasing consumer interest in where food comes from, we, as honey producers, need to be setting high standards and showing traceability. For this reason, we test all of our honey using independent testing facilities. We do this to ensure the highest quality honey is available for purchase. We use Minerva Labs. You can download the results here:

Blossom Honey Fact Sheet

Heather Honey Fact Sheet

Heather Honey Fact Sheet 2

Our Scottish Heather Honey has also been tested for Pesticide and GMO content. We are pleased to say neither were found in our honeys. We are absolutely passionate about ensuring that we produce the highest quality honey and that our customers have enough information about our process. ┬áPlease do send us any questions you may have about how and where our honey is produced and, of course any feedback. Our supply chain is relatively straight forward. Our beefarmers extract the honey during each season and send it to Scarlett’s Processing Facility in Meigle. Scarlett’s are BRC and Organic Certified and their facility is top quality. From there it is sent to our warehouse in Livingston. We perform sample tests on all the batched of honey we receive and from now on will be updating this page with all of our results. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions!

Scottish Blossom Honey being used to show the consistency of it.

Scottish Blossom Honey, highest quality honey

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