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Scottish Honey Gift (227g)

Two jars of Scottish Honey, Heather and Blossom (227g), packaged with wildflower seeds

Scottish Honey Gift – A wee taste of Scotland


Scottish Honey Gift.

Two small jars of Scottish honey, delicious blossom and heather with craft packaging and wildflower seeds

Delicious taste of Scottish honey

Enjoy a wee taste of Scotland with our two jar set. Beautifully wrapped and packaged with wildflower seeds to help our little friends. A perfect gift for a dinner party or to just tuck into at home. Both are set honeys to avoid crystallisation.

Scottish Heather honey is from the heather moors across Scotland which only flower for about 6 weeks a year.

Scottish Blossom honey is from the first part of the season and can contain clover, lime, oil seed rape etc. Both are our smaller jars (227g).

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