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Our team

Suzie Millar – Queen Bee

Suzie is our Queen Bee and one of the founding creators of The Scottish Bee Company. She has been a chiropractor for many years and previously studied at The University of Aberdeen.

It was Suzie’s career as a chiropractor that got her interested in wellbeing and the environment, in her own words:

“What I do for a living has made me very conscious that we all need to look after ourselves and our wellbeing. This obviously extends to what we decide to put in to our body and how natural the things we consume are. I like to reduce the amount of toxins and processed foods that I eat and I believe that it has a hugely positive effect on our bodies if we eat a balanced, sensible diet.”

Suzie is also hugely passionate about the environment and helping nature is something she says puts her at ‘peace’. She has always loved our little bee friends and this passion along with her love of natural foods gave birth to The Scottish Bee Company.

In Suzie’s spare time, when she is not buzzing over her worker bees and creating fabulous new honeys, she loves hill walking and yoga. Mind and body are very much top priority for this Queen Bee!

Iain Millar – Chief Bee

Iain, Chief Bee and Co-founder of The Scottish Bee Company studied law at the University of Aberdeen before embarking on a ten year career in finance. In search of variety, Iain took himself off to America to study through a programme called the Saltire Fellowship. The fellowship nurtures entrepreneurially-minded leaders and provides them with the skills to take Scottish organisations to the next level. During this time, Iain was struck by the power of business to do good. He learned about Benefit, or B-Corporations, and other for-profit corporate entities that aim to have a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment Iain decided that this was his aim. He decided to start his own company back home, embracing the ethics of the organisations he had studied. The Scottish Bee Company was born. Iain has a love of bees and the idea of setting up a company that helped grow the bee population, while producing natural, local products, inspired him.

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