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A Cupboard Full of Honey and Crystallisation


One Sticky Mess What a sticky mess this is! I hope everyone reading this blog stays well over the next few months. With all this time indoors self-isolating some of you may find yourselves raiding the kitchen cupboards. I did this at my mum’s house in London. She had A LOT of honey. We made […]

A Scottish Beekeeper in New Zealand


Having left Scotland to try a bit of beekeeping in New Zealand, you can imagine my surprise when Ali and Peter announced I would be staying in a bothy! Ok so they didn’t use the word bothy but I was to spend the night in a New Zealand equivalent. Out here they call them DOC […]

January – heather and manuka


One of the opportunities offered to me as a bee farming apprentice is to spend a few of the winter months in New Zealand to get a new perspective on beekeeping. As the Scottish Bee Company’s apprentice, I was given the chance to go out and spend a couple of months with Ali and Peter […]

Pollinators and their importance


Since starting my apprenticeship I have been asked on numerous occasions – how effective are honey bees as pollinators? The answer is not black and white and so I will attempt to answer it here. I should note that this is only my take on the issue. The honey bee as an individual pollinator In […]

Beeing Feminist


Beeing feminist and the John Beattie Show Most days as a bee farming apprentice I work in the great outdoors but recently I was asked to be part of an interview that the Scottish Bee Company were doing on BBC Radio Scotland with John Beattie. The John Beattie Show Oh my goodness! This was definitely […]

The Secret Language of Bees


The Secret Language of Bees  Most of us when we see a bee in flight are struck with complete fear that we’re going to be stung by the tiny fluffy things and swing at them with random movements in a desperate attempt to waft them, or ourselves, away from the danger. Once that paranoia kicks […]

What to do with your wildflower seeds


You’ve received a small pack of wildflower seeds – but what next? Our apprentice and garden lover Katie is here to talk you through different ways to plant your wildflower seeds. The end of summer often indicates the end of the active gardening season in the UK, but autumn is one of the best times […]

Scottish Bee Company Crowdfunding Campaign


In good news, The Scottish Bee Company has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bringing-back-the-bees-one-jar-at-a-time. We have lots of great gift ideas there as well as discounts on our honey and the opportunity to sponsor a hive. Below you will find a list of everything we are promoting in our crowdfunding campaign. £10 or more Thank […]

The life of an apprentice bee farmer


My name is Katie and I am the Scottish Bee Company’s bee farming apprentice! I started working with SBC in March 2018. When I began this role I had no previous experience of working with honey bees. Prior to moving up to Scotland to begin my apprenticeship I had been working in Hertfordshire and London […]

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